Elon Musk is scared of asteroids and says Earth is completely defenseless

Elon Musk is fairly popular for his eccentricity, and also the surprising declarations are fairly particular of the billionaire.

The Tesla manager is exceptionally energetic on Twitter, where he never ever avoids sharing his sights on anything. This time around, the billionaire has actually picked a trouble that might intimidate our world.

Elon Musk introduced in a blog post that a massive rock can strike the Earth’s surface area at one factor. According to him, points are also worse, since currently we have no protection system as well as we are left unguarded despite this feasible risk.

His declarations originate from the news that NASA has actually started prep work for a planet that will travel through our earth. It is called Apophis and also will certainly have a size of over 300 meters. It mosts likely to Earth, however it will certainly not strike him, yet will certainly go by him on April 13, 2029.

Elon Musk claims that we should not bother with this massive rock, however one that can truly strike the Earth. Specifically because we had no protection system hereof.

NASA does not concur with Elon Musk

NASA proceeds to oppose the billionaire. The specialists likewise oppose Elon Musk in one regard.

Furthermore, NASA carefully checks room bodies as well as has sufficient information to recognize where a planet will certainly remain in the coming years.

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